How to start hangouts on Instagram

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Work platform Instagram now to launch a video chat feature Friday, just weeks after asking the Apple group video calls in FaceTime, and provided Instagram the new water with the possibility of continuing to browse the house while you chat with three of your friends, thanks to the neat positioning of the image within the app, as the company announced on Tuesday that a new feature be put up now for iOS and android, the platform Instagram the chat feature visual aesthetic was in operation on the first of May, But soon overshadowed by a range of new features that were introduced in June.

Starting now, users can connect to their friends via video without the need to use the phone number, according to a press release of the product, unlike FaceTime, which targets customers of Apple.

How to start hangouts on Instagram

Just go to direct messages, and a series of messages with up to four people, where the organization now has a camera icon new located on the top right, once determined, will be “calling” your friend, you can start a chat, you can also bring more people to the conversation “3 other people”.

One of the wonderful advantages in a video chat in that you can find out if there are other members in your messages to everyone in a video call, because the camera icon will turn to blue color, and to join the call Friday, all you have to do is select the camera icon, but if you have to leave early or want to terminate the conversation, just click on the phone button Red the bottom of the screen, in addition, you can also “ignore” people if you don’t want to receive notifications calls them, customize notifications select the icon “gear”, then non-Department “Notices initiative” in the Department video chat.

Another fantastic feature about video chat on Instagram is that unlike FaceTime, you can follow the Group Chat when you minimize the main screen and do other things on the app, where you can still design and send direct messages and images, and publish them in your whole story during the chat.

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