How to start making money from YouTube instead of?

Helped rapid technological development in the acquisition of social media platform on a large part of our lives, which in turn led to the boom (marketing influencers) Influencer marketing, to become one of the most important trends of marketing in the past few years, with 67% of brands to increase budgets and spending on this expansion during the coming year, especially to promote via Instagram.

Given social media platform for ordinary people the opportunity to build their brand through the publication and share content easily, which has contributed to the emergence of a class of influential persons who believe their millions of consumers, as they become more connected to their celebrities traditional.

But how to make altruists money?

التسويق عبر المؤثرين

An influencer is someone who is a product of the content uses its channels to influence the actions and behavior of the followers, whether on the internet or outside of it, and for many is considered (effect) influencing; and a full-time job often consists of several roles including: content creation, community engagement, photography, design, and public speaking, and more.

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Says (Joe Gagliese) co-founder of Viral Nation: “YouTube is still a Christian because it pays the highest revenue to the makers of the content, while approaching her Instagram of importance open”.

He added: “the platform is Instagram owned by Facebook, Inc. does not pay the amount for publishing their work, instead they go to agencies such as: Viral Nation; which sells its publications for brands”.

The difference between the requirements of Facebook and YouTube to become influential:

كيف تبدأ ربح المال من يوتيوب وإنستاجرام؟

Talked company Facebook for years about sharing advertising revenue with content makers in the video section its own Watch, but the Facebook display advertising revenues used by tens of thousands of persons only, while the program uses the revenue YouTube millions of people around the world.

In addition to that; the rules of Facebook is about sharing advertising revenue with content makers more stringent than YouTube, which requires a Facebook presence of 10 thousand rebounds, and 30 thousand views for a minute of video has a duration of 3 minutes, while YouTube, Google, 1000 follow-up only, and 4,000 minutes of watch time.

Is it too late to become a transcendent?

Says (Joe Gagliese): “it’s not too late, where the number exceeded watch my YouTube this year the number of viewers in the past year, as it appears influential and new from all over the world constantly.”

How much money can be earned from marketing influence it?

It depends on the number of people who watch your videos on the YouTube channel, or the number of followers you on Instagram, and of course the more increased profits.


Ranging profit of viewing one on to between 6 to 12 cents, has made a video clip the month of July for YouTube the Gwendolyn Nygaard more than 6.8 million viewers, which means that their profits may reach up to 408 thousand dollars.


Here it depends on the influencer and the level of his participation, but the (impressive little), which has between 10 thousand to 50 thousand of the active traders had the profits up to a few hundreds of dollars only, but now has up its profits to a few thousand per share.

The altruists who number up to the follow-up to their million followers lost up their profits to 10 thousand dollars per share, while if the number of followers, about a million follow-up it is possible to collect the moving $ 100 thousand or more.

Adds (Joe Gagliese): “the most influential popular achieve between $ 250 thousand to $ 500 thousand for each publication, since to treat them with major brands and the use of Stories Instagram for their promotions, which allow to put direct links for the brand”.

Say (Joe): “the people of how difficult it is, but the fact that it is considered a full-time job, include Do several tasks at the same time, starting from content creation, export, and then edit the video clips and analysis, and add all the tags and descriptions are correct, this is all just a day’s work. On the following day; and must follow and do it several more times in order to build a larger audience”.

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