How to stop Google from tracking your activity and protect your privacy

We all know that Google saves the sites that we’re looking for through a search engine or through its application or through the services, but in fact may not realize the extent to which the scope trace, it is limited to tracking the places we go to, and purchases that we just do, it says trackers collect a large set of data that can’t imagine about you, but some might wonder “Can I talk to you in the amount of data collected from Google or not?” And the answer is yes, and this is the way.

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Initially you must make sure that we are dealing with two topics: namely, the amount of data that Google collects about you and what you do then Google it.

Google says that the policy for data collection, improve its services, for example, help you find restaurants similar to the restaurant I went to before and liked, so you have two options, either to trust in Google and it brings you these data, or to restrict the information that can be gathered about you.

To track the Google data assembled you must enter in the page “Activity Controls” in your account on the Google web site, after that you will see six sections of the data held by Google you can do what you want and cancel the other sections.

The most important two are “Web & App Activity” and “Location History”, the first is to own everything you do on the site while logged in to the Chrome browser, and all you’re looking for during login to Google, and all you do within Google apps too.

Click on the “Manage activity” Management of the activity that is found underneath the “Web & App Activity” to view the details in which records Google, you will see web pages you’ve visited, applications that you have open on your Android device.

To delete all of these data records, select “Delete activity” and then select “all time” and delete all the Google on the web or on the app.

There is a choice Google has made a submission recently is that the data is deleted automatically after three months or 18 months, you can apply this solution by clicking on the button “delete automatically” the top of the activity list.

As for the second”Location History” no record of any site which is interested in collecting data through your phone is the greatest, as which areas they go to, and for wiping this data from the records of Google and click on the trash icon in the bottom right corner in the page management activity and select the appearance record of your entire website, or the appearance of a log one day only, and then select what you want to remove and press “Remove the stop from the day”.

The second section is the device information “Device Information”, which is your smartphones and tablet devices that connect to your account on Google, in this section, you can scan the entire registry and click Delete all instead of the interests of the individual.

The fourth section is the voice activity and voice, where Google will store all voice commands to plugin your Google, whether through your phone or through the speaker. smartphone, if you click on the “Manage Activity” you will see a list of all what I said, and then select the records that you want to delete, or press the trash can icon to delete the record of the whole day.

As for the divisible the last two to understand the responsible for the video system Google, the two search history YouTube, and viewing history YouTube, they both have options to clear the records one by one, or daily, or delete records entirely by clicking the Delete activity from the management activity.

In fact you have other options to stop Google from tracking you, such as logging out when using YouTube for example, or not logged in to Google Chrome, or use incognito mode when searching in Google Chrome.

Google also keeps track of your Gmail messages to your to monitor your purchases and your journey and your bills, and in fact may be this kind of tracking is useful because you may need to recall your purchases or your travels.

As for the Google ads you can cancel the allocation of ads when using the Switch in the top of the page, knowing that this will not reduce the number of ads that you see, and will not affect the amount of information collected by Google about you, but at least prevent Google from linking the two together, i.e. you’ll see the same number of ads, but will not be localized on the things you care about.


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