How to take a picture of the screen and it Android P

Improved Google many of the function screen capture Android P, without any further ado, here we offer you the comprehensive guide to capture screen images and modify them, knowing that the company below is based on phone pixel 2 may differ a little later upon the arrival of the Android P with the user interface for the manufacturer of your phone.

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Capture the image of the company

There are two ways:

Traditional: for lengthy at the same time the power button with the volume button down.

New: For prolonged power button, then waiting for the appearance of the menu that you’ll find the option to image the screen (as in the photo above).

Adjustment for screen image

There is a tool included Android P called Markup, to allow modification instant on the photo after it is captured directly.

After capturing the image of the company will appear notifications, with a button adjustment.

Clicking on the modifier button you can do the following:

  • The story of the picture, drag them from the corners.
  • Writing on Photo by and tool shading.
  • Options to change the colors of the writing.
  • Undo what you disabled or redo after undo.

After the completion of image adjustment you can save it directly in Google image or share it.

That’s all about capturing the screen image modification Android P.

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