How to take screenshots on a Mac? A complete guide

Not everyone knows, but the operating system macOS provides multiple ways to create screenshots. Most users prefer third-party services, despite the fact that a set of tools offer the same opportunities. Today we’ll show you how to realize the full potential of embedded solutions.

The first way is using the “screen Shot”

This application can be find using Spotlight, or in the Program folder ā€“ Utility.

Select from four options:

  • The selected area
  • Window
  • Screen
  • The screen with a delay

After selecting the desired options window will appear or a selection area. After you create a snapshot of the screen select the file format and location to save.

In addition, the settings of this tool you can enable display of the cursor in the screenshot.

The second method ā€“ using the keyboard shortcuts

How to make a screenshot of the entire screen

For this we use a combination of: Command + Shift + 3

After this action we will hear the notification sound and the screenshot will be saved directly to your desktop.

How to make the screen area

This time the combination will be this: Command + Shift + 4

The cursor will change to the “cross”, allowing you to select the necessary fragments on the screen. You can change the allocation method ā€” if you hold down Alt, the cursor from the center begins to expand in all directions.

How to take a snapshot of a specific window

Continue to use a combination of Command + Shift + 4, after the appearance of the cursor, press the space bar. Icon will appear in “camera”, select the desired window. Side effect is a beautiful shade of the application window for the screenshot.

How to save the just in the clipboard

For this the available combinations adding the Control key. For Example, Command + Shift + Control + 3

How to make the panel Touch Bar

Here we will use a combination of: Command + Shift + 6

In addition, you can adjust the Control Strip by adding a button “Screenshot”, for quick access.

How to change save location of screenshots

All pictures taken using the hot keys are saved directly to your desktop. However, we can always change the save location:

  • Select the folder where you will store future screenshots
  • Run “Terminal”
  • In the command prompt window, enter: defaults write location
  • Put a space and put our folder into the terminal window
  • Confirm team. Enter another command: killall are true systemuiserver
  • Immediately after that restart the system service. Everything is ready.

Thus, all new pictures will be saved to the selected folder.

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