How to tie the arms of the controller for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox iPhone and iPad – a very important fun games!

Came iOS update 13 with advantage in the extremely important gaming enthusiasts, because they convey the experience of playing on Apple devices to a new level better than before. The iOS update 13 Pat supports connected to the arms controller PlayStation 4 was Xbox iPhone and iPad!كيفية ربط أذرع تحكم بلايستيشن 4 وإكس بوكس بالآيفون والآيباد

How to connect a joystick PlayStation 4

If you have an ARM controller for your Sony PlayStation 4 known as the Sony DualShock 4 you can link it to iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth but you have to first put the arm in the case of the proposal by clicking on the Share button and PS button together until the driving arm to the issuance of the light.

Now go to settings of your iPhone or iPad Settings > then click on Bluetooth Bluetooth > activate Bluetooth pairing with the joystick.

كيفية ربط أذرع تحكم بلايستيشن 4 وإكس بوكس بالآيفون والآيباد

How to connect a joystick Xbox.

Click on the XBox first then press the button Connect for three continuous seconds to put the arm in the case of borrowing, and then exempt the Bluetooth on your iPhone, iPad and complete the pairing.

Do you find difficulty in this? The video below explains to you the way is simple:

* The control rods can also connect it with Apple TV by following the same steps.

** The arms of the controller Sony’s DualShock 4 and the arm of the Xbox separately in exchange for 60$ or the equivalent in local currency.

كيفية ربط أذرع تحكم بلايستيشن 4 وإكس بوكس بالآيفون والآيباد

Where to find games to support arms control?!

The Apple TV platform arcade Apple Arcade the new Apple TV contains dozens of games that you can enjoy playing the level as arms control a special place or Xbox. Service Apple Arcade driven, but the good news is that the first month is completely free for more you can refer to this article: all you need to know about the service Apple Arcade Apple Arcade games

منصة آبل أركيد Apple Arcade للألعاب تضم ألعاباً تدعم أذرع التحكمThe Apple TV platform arcade Apple Arcade games includes games that support the control arms

Games PlayStation on iPhone and iPad

There’s an app from Sony called the PS4 Remote Play which can connect your PlayStation 4 with your iPhone or iPad to broadcast games via their screens and continue playing them even if they left the user to another room is not your PlayStation as long as all devices connected to the same network WiFi.

So if you had your PlayStation 4 with the control lever of the wireless DualShock 4, the iPhone or iPad update iOS 13, the application PS4 Remote Play .. congratulations you now have the PlayStation 4 moving between your hands! (For more – How to get update iOS 13 iPhone and iPad to the PlayStation Mobile is?!)

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