How to trace Facebook your every move: truth and rumors!

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كيف يتتبع فيسبوك كل تحركاتك: الحقيقة والإشاعات!

Following the leaks of Cambridge analytica, which affected the personal information of up to 87 million people on Facebook, was hit by users of the website need of extreme confusion because of the Frequent chatter about what he knows Facebook about them.

Began a lot of questions appear such as: does Facebook spy on its users, are asking for private messages, do Facebook application your calls and your phone? There are some of these questions are answered by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, during his questioning by lawmakers in the US Congress, but there are more questions that we still ask until now!

So we will review in this report the real tracking Facebook users to get to what’s real and what is not – and what we can do about it all.

First: Are you spying Facebook via the microphone of your phone?

The answer is no, we all know it feels scary to talk about a product and suddenly find their ads you show in your newsfeed on Facebook, does that happen to you before? To talk about a product or company random then see an ad for the same exact thing! But does that mean that Facebook is listening in on your conversations using the microphone of your phone. Denied Facebook it is strictly saying “the fear of spying using the microphone of your phone over the course of time something on your mind. only you”

About it, said Joe Osborne, a spokesman for Facebook via an e-mail to USA Today: “I don’t uses Facebook microphone of your phone to target you with ads, or change what you see in news feed, we don’t know ads are based on what you’re talking about out loud”.

However ask Facebook authorized to access the microphone to publish video clips or make calls using Facebook Messenger, if you do not use any of these features it is easy to turn them off via settings Facebook on your smart phone.

If you are a user of iPhone you can turn off this feature by going to Settings and then the privacy option and then select the microphone and press the key to Facebook to turn it off. You can also of the same place, stop using the messenger enter the microbe.

If you are a user of Android operating system you can go to Settings and then application option and then choose Facebook then option permissions then the option to disable the microphone.

Secondly: is Facebook tracking your location through your phone?

Answer yes, tracks Facebook your site for multiple reasons, including the possibility to record your visit to certain places letting friends and family know where you are or where you are, there are a lot of users tend to use this feature to share their geographical locations in real-time such as: visit a store or travel to a particular city or a particular component, and, accordingly Facebook uses this feature to display ads accordingly.

Says Facebook: “if people give apps permission to access to their geographical delivery by these applications can use this information to display content or ads that interest you but you can control this feature.

Thereforeturn off the location tracking feature geographic on smart phones, users can operating system iOS go to Settings on iPhone or iPad, then click on privacy, then click on Location Services, then click on Facebook, then click on turn off location tracking after you doing this steps will not have Facebook any ability to track your sites.

The Android system users can go to Settings and then the option Account Settings, then the choice of site and press it to turn it off it is the same place you can also disable the retention of sites that you visit.

Third: do you sell Facebook data to advertisers?

Answer No, but making facebook the bulk of his money through advertising on the site by default uses your profile information – such as your interests, age and your health that follow – to view advertisements of interest to you and hopes of the site to interact with it, but advertisers do not get your personal information.

This means that Facebook does not sell your data to advertisers, but it shows them the right access for you by way of advertising through where headed to a large segment of companies and businesses with the arrival of the number of users of the site for more than 2 million users which is not happening with any sites other social media.

This was confirmed by Mark Zuckerberg Senator John cornyn during his testimony last week: “there’s a popular misconception that we’re selling user data to advertisers, but we don’t do that, of course, what we do is to tell our advertisers who want to reach and then we display advertising to the appropriate audience and offer advertisers reports on the types of people who see their ads and how the performance of their ads on the site, but we do not sell information that define their personal identity”.

But the brouhaha about the disclosure of leaks Cambridge analytica forced Facebook to make changes to how advertisers use the site, thus unveiling the mechanism used in AD targeting.

In late March he told Facebook: “it’s Will the property was allow advertisers to target Facebook users with information that is collected through third-party applications, such as: purchases made outside of the Internet or public records, although it is still the advertisers can upload information that they have about users (such as email addresses and phone numbers) and targeting based on that information using the Facebook ads.

If you want to prevent the use of that data to show ads, you can close it from the option “ad preferences” located on site.

Fourth: do you read facebook and your text messages and listen to your calls?

The answer is no, but need the Facebook app located on your phone on the feature lets you sync your text messages and place your application with Facebook Messenger, but this feature need to register prior in the sense that you must give permission to Facebook to do this it is only available on phones operating Android.

Those who are using Facebook Messenger through iPhone, they can choose to sync the contact list with the app, but they can’t sync the calls and text messages.

Says Facebook: “it provides a feature to synchronize the calls so you can easily find your friends and family on application Messenger through the pay related to Frequent two to the top of your contact list”, the fact that this water contains trace the history of your calls and your communications to text only.

He adds he doesn’t listen effectively to the calls or read the content of any text messages sent to her, but he notes the date, time and who you are talking with him or texting him, preferably automatically links and images attached to make sure they do not contain malicious software or materials by the sexual abuse of children”.

In early April, the current said Facebook: “he’s planning to delete all records that are older than a year and reduce the type of information needed by customers to provide this feature”

You can remove all of this information easily – even if you have already agreed to activate this feature, under Settings Application Messenger turn off “continuous contact and information SMS”, Facebook will then delete all the previously stored data. You can also empty the call logs and contacts on the Web using a page call log contacts on Facebook.

Fifth: you can track Facebook your every move on the web?

The answer is yes, where the activity of ads in Facebook on his knowledge of things to admire or not admire as much as possible, and get some information from other web sites that you visit. There is a feature called Facebook pixel Facebook Pixel, you can trade on your habits while browsing the internet even when you are not within facebook, and uses the data collected to paint a more accurate picture of your identity.

But you can control whether Facebook uses the data it collects to target your ads to specific, go to your personal account to facebook through personal computer or telephone, then click on Settings and choose the ads and then “ad settings The Ad settings” and you can turn off “interest-based advertising” by clicking on the option “off – off”.

Another option is to add tools to your web browser to prevent any site from tracking you, such as Ghostery , which allows you to modify the sites that are tracking you on the web pages, or the tool “Facebook Container Extension“, which helps you isolate your identity while browsing Facebook within a separate container, thereby preventing Facebook from tracking you and recording your data, or your targeting .When you install the tool “Facebook Container Extension” will delete your cookies on Facebook and you get out of it, the next time you visit Facebook, it will be opened in a new tab in the browser, which is known as “tab container”.

SF: can Facebook keep track of what you buy when you’re not connected to the internet?

Answer yes, helps Facebook advertisers to track what are called “conversions without an Internet connection”, which is about the process of buying within the store. Is not easy almost follow these types of purchases compared to those which play directly from the web browser, but through a partnership with the providers of payment services, such as: square company Square cards, credit payment and collections call centers, loyalty programs, the retailer, can be for Facebook to show advertisers whether their ads are working the right people.

Unfortunately there is no easy solution to this, but you can take some steps to maintain the privacy of your purchases. For example keep cards your payment away from Facebook using the email address and registration information that is not associated with your Facebook account. Avoid digital receipts when possible because this is another way to can retailer to get your e-mail address and make your contact. Adhere to these actions will enable companies to collect data from the get full information about your behavior of purchasing off the internet, and therefore will not Facebook is able to track The movement of purchase off the internet.



How to trace Facebook your every move: truth and rumors!

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