How to tracking Android phone after lost

If you lose your phone or you want to track your Android phone remotely may have already been registered on your Google account, there is an easy way to do it through Find My Device from Google, as well as your ability to run some of its properties, or lock it permanently and the data on it if you want it, this is not the first project tracking for phones from Google, it might be a bit confusing when you look at it first, so we offer this guide to help you track any Android phone or tablet device you logged in through Google.

How to track your Android phone

كيفية تتبع هاتف Android الخاص بك عن بعد في حالة فقدهHow to track your Android phone remotely in case of loss

The first thing you want to do is find the “My computer” or location tracking Google, either search for it in Google, or simply click this link Find My Device to get there, then you will need to log in to your account in Google using the email and password, this should not be very difficult as long as you remember her, you will find on the left at the top of the list of devices that you log on to it, you probably have only one or two of these devices, So it is likely to be the correct device is already selected.

Google is taking the majority of the page with a large map, with a pin on it, we hope to point directly to the location of your device, if it is not possible on the tab “find my device” to locate your phone, you can try again clicking on the arrow the ring next to a picture of your phone, which will tell tracker to re-try, we hope you find this time of your device.

What you can do once you locate your phone? If you find your phone and you can restore it easily great, seen a crisis, but you may need to move to the other steps certain to find your phone, the first option is play sound, which will make your device running a voice loud for up to 5 minutes, if someone is near your phone, it will alert them to the fact that you are looking for, so hopefully they can help you.

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The second option in the tracking phone Android lets you lock your phone and log out of your Google account, you can also leave a message for someone found on the phone, including leaving a phone number to a friend or relative until you are able to the savior of your call, sometimes you may need to take the third and final option, which resort to it in case of loss of hope in finding your phone again, where you can wipe all device data wipe complete, including logging out of your Google account, so if you click this, you won’t go back to back, It’s an irreversible choice, only do so if you know that there is no hope in restoring your phone.

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