How to transfer data from phone iPhone old to one of the phones iPhone 11

Know the steps to transfer data and files on phone the iPhone your old to a new versions of iPhone 11.

You may want some in the upgrade to one of the versions of phones iPhone new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max, and with a lot of data, files or applications loaded on the iPhone the current, we give you the steps to transfer data from your current phone to one of the new versions.

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Is the process of transferring data from your current phone to One phones iPhone 11 experience easy and quick especially if your phone is running iOS 12.4 of the operating system of the first subsequent versions.

The required data transfer process in the previous version estate data and files on iCloud or iTunes, only to transfer the data now won’t need this step at the beginning, where the user can now transfer data, apps and ID own via feature iPhone migration from Apple.

Wireless connectivity to transfer data from your old phone to a iPhone 11

  • I start to run your new phone, and answering initial questions, among them, language settings, and then you will be prompted to transfer your data from another phone to the iPhone the new.

  • Put your old phone near the iPhone 11 new and then make sure you paired the two phones should be phones fully charge to avoid interruption of communication during data transfer

  • When you call, both phones will appear on the screen of your new phone painted carvings, while will open your old phone camera, and then will appear an empty circle stop screen, also will appear the phrase to install the new phone to the top to face the camera your old phone, and when you adjust the camera in a specific point will appear, drawing inside the circle.

  • And then will appear the words direct you to the termination of the other settings on your new phone.

  • Will require termination of the settings, enter your Apple ID, as it will require you to adjust the settings for the fingerprint Touch ID or registration recognition technology, Face ID.

Also scheduled to appear several screens before the start of the data transfer process, including items on usual terms, and record your consent or not to consent to analysis your site or share it in FaceTime, iMessage, and Siri.

Upon completion of these steps to start the data transfer process which can often span up to 6 minutes or more in the case of a lot of applications and files on your old phone, also when you finish you can register again on your new phone to access the phone content.

Contact wired to transfer data from your old phone to a iPhone 11

Added apple better support for data transfer via the cable from phone iPhone old to one of the versions of iPhone 11 new, which will support the user better in the case of calls, slow Wi-Fi networks, and call Wired is faster in data transfer certainly where the period of transfer of data from 6 minutes to 40 seconds only.

Transportable wireless you will need an adapter Lightning to USB 3 cable car, and also cable Lightning to USB, and then run your new phone and finish initial settings mentioned in radio contact.

Also make sure your paired phone iPhone old version the new of phones the iPhone, and then you’ll have to work on connecting the adapter Lightning to USB 3 to your old phone, as it is to connect the cable Lightning to USB for your phone new, also the wires are connected via adapter Lightning to USB 3, as you will have to run the adapter through a port Lightning.

Require the next step to follow the same method followed in radio contact through the settings within the camera, then the answer to the questions posed in the settings, and then start the data transfer process between the two phones.


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