How to transfer files between two computers via SHAREit

Most of US uses USB drive to transfer files from PC to phone and vice versa, but there are other alternatives and better in terms of speed in transferring files especially of large size, the software program Cher s one of the professional software in transferring large files to and from different devices.

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About SHAREit

Is SHAREit from the best and most popular program to transfer large files and share them between computers and smart phones, is the software of choice at more than 500 million users around the world share files, the this software support all kinds of files more quickly 100 times of technology transfer and the participation of the traditional file, is a distinctive and extremely fast.

How to use SHAREit to transfer files between two computer

There is more than one way to transfer your files between your computers, but if you are using an old version of Windows it is necessary to activate the feature HomeGroup existing in the system settings, so you can share files, you can dispense with that and transfer files through the program SHAREit after downloading and installing it on the device.

  • Run the network of Wi-Fi devices to transfer and share files between them.
  • Then connect the two devices together via Wi-Fi related.
  • In case you haven’t stumbled on the Wi-Fi network you can create a point of contact on one device and then link the other device to this point.
  • Open the program ” SHAREit ” and run it on two devices.
  • One of the two devices click on the Menu icon located on the body three bars.
  • Then click on the Connect to the computer to start after that SHAREit looking for setups that are running Sheeran in the same network.
  • Then click on the name of the computer phenomenon in the software as in the picture .

  • Will appear on the device the confirmation box click on Accept ” see next image “.

  • To transfer files drag and drop any file into the program or select it from the option Select files such as Open .
  • You will see the files are transferred in front of you and its size and speed of the carriage as in the following picture.

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  • After the transfer of all selected files will be disconnected.

Where to find the files that have been transferred?

  • You can find all the files that are transferred via Sheeran in folders, File received, to view these files click on the receipt button in the top of the window to open the folder where there are your files.
  • Or you can click on the program window and then click on the three dots next to the file name, including the tap to open or Open and you will see the files.

The most important advantages of the program SHAREit

  • High-speed transfer and share files between devices.
  • Available for smart phones and devices and the personal computer.
  • Its size is suitable compared to the advantages.
  • Lets you make a GPS connection and log in to the program phone number.
  • The possibility to sync contacts .
  • Supports the transfer of files of large size.
  • SharePoint Services supports all of the file types.



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