How to transfer music from iTunes to Android smartphone

If you have just switched to Android from an iPhone, you almost certainly are wondering how to transfer music from your old device to the new. Of course, if you have used any streaming services for audio like Spotify or Apple Music, the problems with the “migration” you will not have. But if you gathered a collection of tracks in iTunes, all is not so obvious. Well, let’s figure out how to transfer music from iTunes to an Android smartphone.

Transfer music from your iTunes library on Android

First you need to sync your old iPhone with the iTunes library on your PC or laptop. And only after that you can begin the transfer of audio recordings. And it can be done in two ways.

Transfer music from iTunes to an Android smartphone using a cable

First, connect your smartphone (or tablet) to the computer. Every Android device behaves differently, but in General you should receive the request from the gadget to permit the transfer of files. Under “My computer” (if you’re using Windows) or desktop (if you are a MacOS user) you will find your device. If your phone or tablet has SD card, it will be displayed with a separate icon.

Now you need to choose where you want to transfer your music files, then you will need to open your iTunes music library. By default in Windows it is located in the folder where you have installed iTunes. Then look for a folder “iTunes Media” and it has come to the “Music” folder. On MacOS the same way about the same, except that the iTunes there is a folder with the name of your user in topic “Music”. Access to it can be accessed through Finder.

Folder location of iTunes on MacOS

Once you have found your own music, feel free to copy them from iTunes to your device. Wait for the copy process and enjoy your favorite tracks. By the way, what’s your favorite music genre? Tell us about it in our chat in Telegram.

How to download the tracks from iTunes to Google Play Music

The method above is the fastest and easiest, but you can make your tunes available for multiple devices without having to score in their internal memory. A good solution is to download music in Google Play Music. This service allows you to upload up to 50,000 songs for free.

Google Play Music helps you to store music in the cloud and not clog her memory

To get started you need to open the folder “iTunes Media” and find your music. Next, go to the Google Play store in a web browser and in the left part, choose “Music” section. Of course, you’ll need to log in to your Google account.

Besides the possibility to download the tracks, you can also purchase a subscription to the service

After you have entered the “Music” section, open the left menu and click “Listen now” and select the option “Download music” in the bottom of the screen.

Transfer your iTunes library organized is very simple

You will be prompted to download music from several music services, among which are iTunes. You can upload your entire library, and individual folders by dragging them from the iTunes folder in the browser window. Or you can specify the path to the file yourself using a special loader.

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