How to trick Apple users phones iphone?

Becoming Apple more transparent with the users of iPhone after being forced to admit that she had deliberately in the old hardware better to balance performance and battery life, it has led to the reduction in performance with the new updates I have this phones, now the company promised the tech giant body to monitor competition in the United Kingdom (CMA) to notify users clearly if a software update is bound to reduce or change the performance of their iPhones.

The beginning of the problem phones iphone

آبل تعترف بخداعها لمستخدمي هواتف iphone وتتعهد بالشفافيةApple intends to fool users of iPhones and pledges transparency

In late 2017 the one of the users of Reddit to submit your iPhone its own before and after replacing the battery, and found that the CPU performance has improved after changing the battery, I think Apple later she was strangled phones deliberately batteries obsolete, and considered by providing alternatives to those batteries out of warranty exchange for $ 29 or $ 50 less than the normal price.

Added technology giant also explained at length in the pages of special support and how to display Battery Health, which can tell you whether the time has come to replace the battery or not, has made the Capital Market Authority in the the problem when it was detonated, and raised fears that people have tried to fix or replace their phones if they weren’t aware that the updates may slow down their device causing deceive them and in their devices.

Although during the last period, that way you know a lot of users of phones iphone of deception, says the CMA’s commitment in Apple “assesses the company’s commitments to official always notify the people when you issue a software update planned for if you expect to actually change the impact of performance management on their phones”.

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