How to turn any phone to webcam your car?

Longer full-auto is great already, they are recording everything that’s going on on the road always, to help uncover the facts in the case of accidents, or documenting some interesting things to share with friends later, although most of these cameras are relatively cheap, but it is also simple in its means, so it may be better to use one of our phones the old and turn it into a special camera car, especially that it would be supportive of the internet والـGPS, we will continue with you today the way to do it easily.

How to turn any phone to webcam your car?

1) we need first to car charger and cable compatible with him long enough to get to the phone, in addition to the importance of having installed a good does not change your vision of the road and not live the lens of the camera phone imaging, commensurate with your phone.

2) we will need later to apply helps you to convert your phone to the camera car, where it may be AutoBoy Dash Cam and Black Box is the best for it, and can be downloaded from here, to where it features many of the characteristics such as the operating and automatic stop, followed the sites through GPS and is completely free.

3) wait for later for the last step and the easiest, so start with put the installer in its place the introduction of the phone to him and then put the car charger in a place he described on the phone with Paste author in a specific place not to take place for any reason while driving, this will be everything in its right place and ready to work smoothly.

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