How to turn off autocorrect on keyboard Google device and iOS !

No doubt that the application of the Gboard Keyboard is one of the best keyboards available for Android and iOS it offers a set of shortcuts for quick and nurses associated with the services of Google search while writing, but sometimes this feature may be annoying for some, especially the autocorrect feature for words “auto correct” which I don’t think only in English, Putonghua and write the correct words according to the dictionary.

Is it good to feature the auto correct of these can be turned off easily, so we will review with you in the next lines how to turn off autocorrect on keyboard Google for Android and iOS .

How to turn off auto-correction keyboard on Google Android:

The first step:

Go to Settings app and open the application Gboard to reach the application preferences directly.

Or alternatively, you can just press and hold on the character interval on the keyboard itself, which works as a shortcut to the Preferences menu itself.

The second step:


Once you open the Settings app, it will show you all the different menu options that you can customize, and one of these options is the “Text Correction”, which is the entry list which contains all the options to correct the text in the keyboard Google. Click the “Text Correction” to show you the settings for Auto-correction .

The second step:

Uncheck the activate Auto-correction as it appears in the picture, this may be you turn off the auto-correction of words on the keyboard Google for Android.

How to turn off auto-correction keyboard Google on iOS :

The first step:

With the operating system iOS, the turn off the autocorrect feature is mostly similar to that way on Android, you’ll first need to open the settings Gboard and move on to enter the Menu “Settings” Keyboard “Keyboard Settings” .

The second step:

Swipe down until you see the option “autocorrect” to “Auto correction” and the text as in the image to modify the OS.

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