How to turn off call waiting on iPhone

Service call waiting is one of those telephone services that have been delivered since decades on the land lines. Allows you to answer an incoming call during a call currently. Can be a useful feature so that you can make calls without being linked to your line.

However, the feature may be Call Waiting is an inconvenience, too. If you are already experience an important call and you don’t want to be disturbed by others who are trying to reach you, you may not want to enable this feature. So, here’s how to turn off call waiting on iPhone.

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Follow these steps to know how to turn this feature off.

1) Open Settings and select Phone Phone.

2) Scroll down and select call waiting Call Waiting.

3) move the switch to turn off the water.

انتظار المكالمات على iPhone

You can now focus on your current call without being interrupted by other calls received. And you can always restart it if you change your mind later moving to the same place in your settings.

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