How to turn off T9 on Android

A function of correcting errors in text messaging on modern smartphones (auto or as it is popularly called, T9) is very strange thing. Designed to make life easier, this option sometimes climbs where it doesn’t belong, correcting what is not needed and leaving these bugs unaddressed. Therefore, in order not to get into unpleasant situation, many users would like to disable this feature. Today we will tell you how to do it.

Although Google has created a very worthy system of work AutoCorrect, it does not always cope with their responsibilities properly. And so to start is to understand how this option works.

How does AutoCorrect on Android

AutoCorrect automatically “scans” words when you are typing a message or create a text note. The standard Google keyboard, which runs on Android, uses a dictionary and add new words as you use the gadget, but initially many of them unknown and need to be paid back over time. Only now configured to work system is not perfect and a lot of words get into a dictionary with delay or not get at all. Hence all the problems.

How to disable AutoCorrect on Android

It is necessary to understand that different manufacturers and different versions of the Android operating system, some steps may vary. But in General, the algorithm works with a shutdown would have similar traits.

  • From any application that uses the keyboard, tap the input area to display the keyboard itself.
  • Click on the gear icon at the top, then select “text editing”.
  • Here you will find many elements to customize. Since the blocking of offensive words to creating sentences with Emoji and automatic replacement of certain emoticons.
  • Scroll down to one of the last sections and find the toggle to switch auto-correction. By default it is enabled. You need to turn it off.
  • But the setting does not end there. The fact that disabling AutoCorrect can also turn off the spelling check (when misspelled words are underlined). This function just can be left enabled. So you will be able to correct errors in the text if necessary.
  • The switch is responsible for the spell checker is in the same menu where you turned off AutoCorrect. So just find the item “spell Check” and make sure it is enabled.

And did you ever have funny cases related to auto replace words in the messages? Share in the comments and in our chat in Telegram.

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