How to turn performance management on the iPhone. But is it worth it?

Two years ago, Apple has experienced a huge scandal. After years of baseless allegations the company intentionally understating the performance of the old iPhone such evidence was found. Apple had no choice but to plead guilty and give users the ability to manually adjust the speed of their smartphones. But as the function of performance management appeared only on devices that have suffered a shutdown due to power fluctuations, many began to search for ways of its activation and ultimately found.

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As found by one of our readers, to enable performance management iPhone you can manually mimic the increased load on the processor and battery. Better suited for this low temperature, to which not only in the winter.

How to improve iPhone performance

To provoke a difference in power and then rebooting enthusiast put your iPhone in the freezer. A similar effect of our smartphone experience, being in the outer pocket of the jacket, even after brief finding out in the cold.

However, it was not enough. After five minutes in the freezer at the author has launched on the iPhone to record 4K video with flash, which led to the desired result.

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Nothing extraordinary happened, says the enthusiast. The machine just rebooted, and the settings button added disable performance management. It reduces the computing capacity of the processor to avoid involuntary reboots of the device in critical conditions of use.

What not to do with iPhone

Needless to say, that thus increase the performance of the iPhone impossible. The fact is that until the moment when control function is not turned on, the smartphone runs on the maximum of their capabilities, and disabling it will simply return the unit to original performance. But it’s not the worst.

Much more dangerous conditions, in which the author conducted his experience. Lithium-ion batteries is perhaps the most volatile and dangerous component of the iPhone. There are many cases, when damage to the battery led to very unpleasant consequences from overheating the internal components of the device prior to its ignition. So we would for its part recommended not to perform such experiments on their own.

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