How to turn Samsung’s flagship smartphone in Linux PC

High computing power of modern smartphones, allowing them to argue even with computers, in the end could not fail to lead, not to turn them into computers. But no matter how strong the hardware apparatus to embody this idea in life without a functional operating system was impossible. Luckily, Samsung has found a way and released app Linux on DeX, which literally allows you to connect to flagship smartphones monitor and work with them as a full PC.

History DeX began with the same dock, which Samsung introduced along with the Galaxy Note 8. It can be connected to peripheral devices including a monitor, mouse and keyboard. However, the low demand for dock made clear to the company that the opportunity to work in PC mode, you can do software. So there was a Linux app on DeX, which you can install on your smartphone and connecting to an external monitor and use desktop OS without any difficulty.

Samsung devices support Linux

At the moment Linux on DeX supports the following devices:

  • Galaxy S9/S9+
  • Galaxy Note 9
  • Galaxy S10e/S10/S10+/S10 5G
  • Galaxy Tab S4
  • Galaxy Tab S5e

How to run Linux

To turn a smartphone or a Samsung tablet Linux PC, you must do the following:

  • Download catalog Galaxy Apps app Linux on DeX;
  • Log in by entering the username “dextop” and the password “secret” (without the quotes);
  • Download the Linux image by following the instructions on the screen or download it to your PC from hereand then place it into the memory of your device Galaxy;
  • Connect an external monitor and run Linux on DeX.

If you wish, you can connect a wireless keyboard and mouse. However, you can use a touch screen smartphone as a touchpad. And thanks to the support of 64-bit applications you can run on a makeshift computer a tremendous amount of programs to work and not feel any restrictions.

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