How to turn your TV into a smart TV?

If you decide to buy a new TV, we have already talked about the desirable specifications of a smart TV for 2020. If the budget does not allow, we will discuss here cheap ways to turn your old TV into a smart TV.

Chromecast for streaming videos

كيف تحول تلفزيونك إلى تلفزيون ذكي؟

The Chromecast is a small device with an HDMI cable that is connected to the TV and a MicroUSB port, such as the one in phones, that can be connected to the TV or an external source to get the power source.

The Google Chromecast device adds an Internet connection feature to the TV to allow streaming videos from various websites and applications to the TV .. How?

  • After connecting the Chromecast to the TV via the HDMI port, then connect to Wi-Fi.
  • On your phone or computer, and on an application such as YouTube and Netflix ‑ as well as most popular video playback sites and applications – tap the broadcast to a device (a square with the Wi-Fi sign next to it). كيف تحول تلفزيونك إلى تلفزيون ذكي؟
  • Your phone or computer will recognize the Chromecast device and suggest you stream to it with just one click.

One of the advantages of Chromecast is that it can also mirror the screen of the phone or computer to the TV, so you can display what you see on the phone in portrait or landscape mode directly on the TV.

As for the screen mirroring feature, it is useful with all applications and sites, while the broadcast feature is one of the sites and applications that support this feature, and it is better in adapting the videos to the size of the TV and the highest possible resolution.

Chromecast prices start on the Egyptian market starting from 300-400 pounds for old releases .. In any case, we do not recommend buying the latest generations for an old TV, because it is considered a not good deal with its price reaching 1,500 pounds in light of the Android Box devices.

Android Box to run the Android system

There are devices called Android TV Box, these devices provide the Android operating system for the TV, and thus they can connect to the Internet, and they have the Google Play app store through which you can download hundreds of apps and games suitable for television, including YouTube and Netflix, and therefore you do not need another device to play the content on the television.

In addition, most of these devices support Bluetooth, so you can watch TV with a Bluetooth headset in the late hours of the night without disturbing anyone. It also comes with a USB port, which allows you to connect external storage units and play content from them .. What is the best of these devices in the Egyptian market today?

كيف تحول تلفزيونك إلى تلفزيون ذكي؟

Mi Box S from Xiaomi

  • Available at prices starting from 1650 EGP on Souq .
  • It offers Android 9 system for TV.
  • Provides access to the Google Play App Store.
  • Supports bluetooth.
  • Chromecast is built in, so you can stream content to it from various websites and applications.
  • The remote comes with a simple design, with a special button for the Google Assistant, which you can command in Arabic, such as open the YouTube app and search for «…» on YouTube.
  • Supports calling with phone and other devices and displaying content on it, as well as the feature of mirroring other devices' screen.
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