How to understand the virus and what to do with it

Viruses or any other malicious application – a thing of frankly unpleasant. Even if they’re not stealing your money, they can cause at least serious damage in another way. And the damage this can be quite a material because often the presence of virus programs will cause premature wear of the smartphone or some of its components. In General, only a few months of malicious activity, and the device can scrap it. It is therefore very important to be able to recognize the presence of such software and promptly remove it.

The probability of infecting Android virus, or rather malware — quite small, but still there

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I think, to grovel about how malicious apps get on the device, no special meaning. Everyone understands that the main source of this is the various Internet sites, spreading, at first glance, benign software. Therefore, if you suspect your smartphone infection, remember, not whether you downloaded the application from where it came. If downloaded, the probability of infection is high. No, of course, in Google Play from time to time also enters just trash, but as a rule, quite effectively removed from there.

Signs of infecting the phone with a virus

Signs of a malware infection quite a lot

  • Spontaneous heating – even at rest;
  • Quick discharge – including at rest;
  • Applications overlap with other applications;
  • Advertising banners and notifications;
  • The presence of apps that you are installed;
  • The disappearance of app icons immediately after install.

This is the main criteria infecting. In fact, they are quite extensive, in terms of occurrence and consequences, because each of the above described symptoms can be caused not by a virus and not a Trojan, but something much more passive. Therefore it is necessary to subject them to a check.

How to remove virus from Android

Most Android viruses are simply removed and never come back

The first step is to go to “Settings” — “Battery” — “power Consumption” and to check out the battery life. If it’s apps like YouTube, Chrome, or games that you do play, most likely, nothing to worry about. These applications are quite resource intensive and can consume a lot of energy. Another thing, if you see some app you don’t recognize. Best to just remove it and not to remember.

To do this restart your smartphone and run it in safe mode (how this is done in detail is told at this link). After enabling, go to “Settings” — “Applications” and delete the program, we have arranged all the fuss was about. Then simply reboot the smartphone but this time in normal mode and use it. As a rule, such manipulations result in the removal of most malware – from bots and keyloggers to spyware and miners. However, the likelihood that the problem may remain, still persists.

If the signs of premature discharge no, but did you notice that instead of “Sberbank Online” your smartphone slips you a fake login window that obviously this is a phishing attack and should be prevented. To do this, you need to revoke the application privileges, forbidding him to conduct subversive activities on your device. This can be done in the following way: “Settings” — “Applications” — “Permissions”. Pull the app all the privileges, and then safely delete it in safe mode.

How to block ads on Android

One of the most tenacious malware applications are so-called adware. It is this type of software, which implements the interface of the operating system of advertising inserts or sends them in the form of notifications. They are very serious foothold in the OS and in any did not want to leave. Of course, it is unpleasant. But there is one way that allows you to simply block all ads, if you remove the malware from the device does not work. It is possible that this method will seem like a compromise, but it is still better than not do anything at all.

  • Download APK file of the application DNS66 this link;
  • Start DNS66 and go to the tab Hosts;

Disable the is even easier than to remove folder virus

  • Turn off all servers except Adaway hosts file;
  • Go to the tab “Start” and turn on DNS.

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This app will filter your ad traffic, just blocking him and not allowing him to reach the device. As a result, all advertising banners, notifications, and other types of ads will disappear. Yes, DNS66 does not remove adware themselves, allowing them to remain on the device. But since this type of application, as a rule, not stealing data and is quite rationally related to the battery of the infected machines, can live with them without feeling much discomfort.

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