How to understand what your smartphone installed malware

Before viruses penetrated only on desktops and laptops. But now various kinds of Trojans, malware and spyware, adware and other nasty pieces of code are focused on our smartphones. Hackers “taught” your creations a good idea to hide in the system and away from the eyes of antivirus applications. However, there are some indirect signs that malware can be detected.

Android gadgets, unfortunately, very vulnerable to hacker attacks because the users can use not only the Google Play Store, but third party repositories. However, even in the official digital store of “contagion” from time to time enters.

What do viruses from your phone or tablet?

As a rule, they are focused on profit. Spyware, banner ads, illegal miners and so on. These programs can not only steal your personal data, but also ruin the device, greatly impacting the system and its components.

A surge incoming\outgoing traffic

One of the first things which you should pay attention to is the use of Internet data. Compare the amount of data used to transfer data over the previous months, and if you notice sudden spikes in a certain time, but you have not changed your templates, use of the Internet, with a high probability on your smartphone settled the virus.

A strange message

Another sure sign that your Android gadget is infected, is unusual expenses for the use of SMS services. This happens when your smartphone or tablet affected with malware that sends text messages to premium phone numbers.

Sudden pop-UPS

If you start getting annoying pop-UPS and notifications, reminders and Intrusive “the system” warning, your phone can be compromised. Malware can add bookmarks to the browser, and shortcuts to websites and applications on the home screen.

It is not clear where the undertaken application

Trojan and malware, especially adware, are known for often automatically download additional programs without your knowledge. In addition, cybercriminals often create “clones” of well-known apps to steal your personal data.

Rapid consumption of battery reserve

All of the above background activity not only affects the data usage, but can affect the battery life. If you begin to notice a dramatic reduction in battery life and your phone heats up even in idle mode, then this is a clear sign of the presence of the virus.

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