How to update your OS Wear smartwatches

Google has officially renamed its operating system Android Wear in a more concise Wear OS in early 2018, and since then has been released a lot of updates, bringing more opportunities for wearable devices. However, many users leave their smart watch without updates. Last but not least due to a small confusion with the new versions of the firmware. And now we’ll dot the “I”, as well as other letters and will tell you how to update the OS on your Wear smartwatches.

What is the confusion? The fact that over the last 12 months, we have seen firmware version 2.3, and 2.6 recently. Why Google “missed” other versions for us remains a mystery, but many users this situation is slightly confused. So now we will tell you how you can download the latest update.

It is worth noting that currently not all devices support the final today version 2.6. You know that you can install the software on the device TicWatch C2, 2 and Huawei Watch Fossil Sport. However, the device list is updated every day.

How to download Wear OS 2.6?

You can check out what software installed on your smart-watch by going into the settings menu of your device. In the “System” section you will find the option “About device”, where will be written the version number. If you have installed automatic updates, you probably Wear OS 2.6 is already on your gadget. If not, scroll down the menu and find the refresh button system.

Click on it and after verification you will see a list of available versions which can obtain your device. Just remember that you need to be connected to your Google account. Also in the update installation process it is highly desirable to connect the clock to a power source.

After loading the new firmware you will also need to update all the programs that are installed on your smart watch to they has worked without problems on the new version. To do this, go to the Google Play Store app on your watch. In this menu, swipe down and you will find the button “My apps”.

The shop must inform you that for your programs for available updates. Now you can update the desired application or do it for all apps at once by selecting “update all”. It may take some time, so at the time of the update clock, it is desirable to connect to the charger. Congratulations! Now your gadget is fully updated.

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