How to use an Android smartphone as a surveillance camera

Don’t know what to do with your old smartphone running Android? He just dusts you have in your Desk or on a shelf and sell it not particularly profitable work, and throw a pity? Then you can adapt it for a video camera. Moreover, it is not difficult and does not require any special knowledge and skills.

Give a second life to your old Androidsmartphone

The Android operating system allows developers to create apps that do almost everything. This makes Android an ideal platform for use as IP camera. All you need to do is enable Wi-Fi, find the app, configure it, and then put the Android device where you need it. And, interestingly, looking at the image with this camera you will be able in any Internet browser from anywhere in the world.

Web camera vs IP camera: what’s the difference?

You can set your phone as a standard web camera and IP camera. But what is the difference? Web camera is a camera whose purpose is to record video and save photos, but in a secure system, the webcam may not be accessible via the Internet. So the setting of the gadget is still needed. We have already informed you that the smartphone can be applied as a DVR for the car, so that you can become familiar with this material. And subscribe to usto learn more useful news related to Android.

How to use smartphone as surveillance cameras

There are Several apps IP camera for Android. One of the most advanced, perhaps, is the IP Camera (original title, do not say anything). This app has in-app purchases, but they will not be required for the core functionality of the IP camera. The program offers three options work.

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The first of these is a Wi-Fi stream to any device, but only in the same network to which the camera itself. Second mobile hotspot: if your phone is on Android can run in modem mode (which is nearly every device on the market), the smartphone may without any Wi-Fi to create a secure network and work. The smartphone will be available only within the power of the antenna device. The third option gives you the opportunity to deploy a complete camera, which will connect to the Internet via a secure IP channel.

To start using mobile in new ways — only need to run the program, select one of the three above options and start the job by pressing the button “Start broadcast”. Use the plus and minus buttons to zoom in and zoom out. The app also offers control options that allow you to control the camera from your browser. You can: adjust the brightness, turn on flashlight, use the option zoom in/zoom out, adjust the focus, switch between front and back cameras of the device.

Please note some of the other settings on the settings screen. Here you can configure the app to automatically start broadcasting when program starts, and to broadcast in black and white. There is also the option to lock programs with a password.

Download: IP Camera

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