How to use Apple TV Find iPhone أوiPad or computer Mac

Is application Find My iPhone great for the location of your device when you lose it. And you can use it from another device or from the web using, or through the HomePod to find on your iPhone your. But you have to know that you can also use it with your Apple TV?

If you are waiting to watch a movie or play a game on Apple TV and wondered suddenly about the place your iPhone or your iPad or even a computer, your Mac, here’s how to use Apple TV to find any of these devices.

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Looking for your device using Apple TV

Is locate your device using Apple TV something simple, like is Siri. Press and hold the microphone button on the remote control in Siri, then say “Find my iPhone.”

Will Siri then make your iPhone sound an alert and allows you to know if he is close to you.

استخدام جهاز Apple TV للعثور على iPhone

When you find your iPhone, you will see an alert. Tap it and then tap OK to turn off the alarm sound.

استخدام جهاز Apple TV للعثور على iPhone

You can find on the iPad or computer Mac the same way, just say “Find my iPad” or “Find my Mac”.

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