How to use Facebook by a new design for the year 2019 is? What’s new?

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How to use Facebook by a new design for the year 2019 is? What’s new?

With the start of the annual conference for developers of F8, the Facebook, select the executives a range of changes coming to the company, new features on the way to its social network, and how to address privacy and security.

But the biggest update on Facebook has been raised by the users in the current time is an entirely new design of its network social both on applications and mobile or design template also to the browsers of computers.

You may watch the users of Facebook who are checking the app on their smart phones a significant change in its form, where it says that the re-design – so-called CEO Mark Zuckerberg updated “FB5” will be released to iOS apps and Android first, with the upcoming changes for users of the site in the next few months.

Get rid of the blue color and more color white

Get rid of the blue color and more color white

The first thing you will notice about the redesign of Facebook is the apparent lack of blue color, in fact the company abandoned the majority of the colors of the famous company vs. tons of real white spaces.

In fact, look like the new interface very nice, and make the site less cluttered in general, there is still a layout consisting of three columns, where the content is now much larger and more readable.

Easy to website header development between sections of the site like notifications, groups, and Messenger and Facebook Watch, add to that the new design comes a time in dark or night mode.

You still have to center the news front and center, but the new look of Facebook seeks to enhance interactions “special” with the people, which highlights the increasing use of groups, Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

Gaining groups, additional functions also, where wasting categories such as support groups, health or groups of gaming features such as questions and updates are interrelated, the

Respectively you will also see more of the content groups on your feed News, in addition to recommendations to join groups you think Facebook it is relevant to your interests.

The company focuses in the new design that draws users to participate in private conversations and groups of all kinds, and also share stories and watch them, which is the most prominent characteristic of social networks special that will change in the future.

Manifests itself as a shift in the focus on “groups” and “messaging” in the re-design, which gives each of the list of “groups” and friends active currently seeing better than planning old.

Easy Company was in fact new to find the different services that they offer, in an attempt to increase the duration of use of the platform and keep users on its site.

Ready to learn more from friends or find a life partner

Focus on the groups and private messaging does not mean that Facebook wants you to chat with your friends, existing forever.

It’s also provide a service to Meet New Friends, an advantage you will have new friends based on your interests or your groups or your geographical location, namely the advantage of the sophisticated and the best of recommendations and suggestions that you use for years in its position.

Of course, you may looking for some people for more than a friend on Facebook, and to this end hoped to design Facebook also to revolutionize your dating life through a feature called Facebook Dating.

Features like “meet new friends”, the Facebook Dating subscription only, although this particular service require to create a profile Facebook Dating app Facebook.

Will not share any activity you on Facebook Dating openly according to his Facebook, which means that the news summary page of your profile will be safe from any incidents of unintended or embarrassing from your own life.

To the side of the Facebook Dating, there comes a Secret Crush polarized immediately, a feature which allows users to choose up to nine friends whom you admire them, only when he chooses two people to each other, will be news to the parties in the case to match their choice and them to each other.

Enhanced privacy and transparency

The company confirmed it will launch this design in the weeks and months ahead for all users but will also work on promoting and ensuring the privacy and maintain the quality of the content in the region and building societies, private and peaceful.

Give the police more tools for owners groups and the Department of publications and activities, so also added a succession of special activities in the communities will appear for all associates.

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