How to use full screen Full screen Display split Spilt view on your Mac

There are so many possibilities when you use your Mac such that you will have several windows open for comments. It is likely that you find yourself indulged within a single application or out for details or cut and paste from one level to another, and has the Mac operating system on two features to make this process less confusing and help you focus and be more effective.

You can choose to focus on only one application at a time, by displaying it in full screen mode.

Or you can open two applications or documents in Split-Screen mode, with the status of each in half the screen, with split-screen mode is full-screen mode to develop.

Allows you to use this situation to isolate applications or even tires of the same application. This way you can work in an environment less crowded and less famous, which is particularly useful if you have a small screen.

And, of course, you can minimize any apps you don’t need at any given time or shut it down, but reduce the applications to a minimum will bring the application to the Dock and close the application which means that it will have to wait until it is opened the next time you need to use it.

  • The following are some of the benefits of using these modes:

  • Is unlikely to distract you via Facebook or your email.
  • You can focus all your attention on what you do in that time.
  • You benefit from the ability to use the entire screen when editing photos or video.
  • Longer full screen mode is ideal to view a movie or slide show.
  • How to make application to fill the screen Full screen:

Link to full screen mode with OS 10.7 Lion in 2011, and later, the code was Full Screen the top right of the screen next to the icon of Spotlight, but when the company launched Apple for Yosemite in 2014, popping the buttons “traffic” in the upper right of the menu bar of every application, Apple has changed to close (red), minimize (yellow) and full screen (Green).

  • Here’s how to run “full screen”:

  1. Click the Icon “Full Screen” green.
  2. Will expand the application window to fill the entire screen.
  3. Press exit to return to the normal display.


  • Full screen on Mac shortcut:

There are a couple of keyboard shortcuts to turn full screen mode:

  1. In some Mac computers, you can press the key fn (function) plus F11 to activate the mode of Full Screen.
  2. Instead, press Control + Command + F to run full screen mode.

Note that some applications may contain sets of different keys to run full screen mode.

  • How to get out of full screen mode

There are several ways to get out of “full screen”. You can do one of the following:

  1. Hover your mouse at the top of the screen so you can see the buttons for the traffic lights and click on the green button.
  2. Click on the exit.
  3. Press Control + Command + F.
  • How do you see the two applications in full screen mode

When I got to El Capitan in 2015, he joined the split-screen view to full screen view. When the operating mode “split screen”, it could be you have more than one application is running in fullscreen mode on one desktop. This may be ideal if you often work in more than one application or one level at a time.

Here’s how to activate split-screen display:

  1. Click and hold on the button “traffic light” green.
  2. When you do it will open the app on the left side of the screen, while will be the right side of the screen display control is important for all open applications.
  3. Now choose the other app you want to view in the full screen mode of layout of Mission Control shown on the right.

You don’t have to set 50% of the screen for each application, you can transfer the situation between the two applications in view Split, and you can then work using both applications.

  • Where he went the application on full screen?

If you are using two screens at the same time, it could be you have one application in fullscreen mode on one screen, and other applications in Normal mode on the other screen.

But there is one small problem in working this way is that sometimes you can choose the full-screen window!

What actually happened is that you have moved on to work on a different application, has assumed that the priority of the application to Full Screen, which is still open in full screen mode, it is in a separate space only.

Think Spaces is another feature for Mac which can make it more efficient – or allow you to hide Facebook and the like from the center of your line.

  • In the following two ways to locate the application Full Screen:

  1. Click on the application icon in the Dock.
  2. Click on the open Mission Control (F3) to see the Spaces and Desktops your various and just click on the Space that houses the application to Full Screen your.

  • How to distinguish one desktop from the other

Unfortunately, you cannot rename desktops / different spaces to find the app you’re looking for, and if you have a lot of documents open on both computers and the desktop, you’ll struggle to identify one from another.

What you can do in this case is to choose the image desktop unique (background) for each desktop, here are the following method:

  1. Run the System Preferences (System Preferences) in the first desktop, and go to the part of the Desktop & Screen Saver on the desktop first, and then set the background image that you want.
  2. Then enter Mission Control, and drag the Window System Preferences from the current workspace to the desktop of another (or create a second, drag them to the top left corner until the desktop appears shadows in the upper right corner of Mission Control.)
  3. Scroll to the part of the desktop and screen saver and select another image for the desktop. Will all vary on the surface of the second component only. Will save a wallpaper to your separate in the case of re operating.



How to use full screen Full screen Display split Spilt view on your Mac

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