How to use Google Lens and Google translate offline

While abroad, we don’t always have the knowledge of foreign languages in order to communicate with the locals or just read the same shop signs or road signs. In order to avoid inconvenience, have already come up with a lot of programs for translation. But they mostly operate online. And traffic abroad can be costly. However, the way out is. And if be prepared in advance, then you will not waste a single megabyte.

To use the translation without the Internet

How to use Google Lens Google Translator without Internet

I’m sure you are already familiar with Google Translate and certainly not just to use this service. If you don’t, then you should install the app from the store Google Play at this link. We’re gonna need it.

Thanks to the minimalistic interface, you can quickly translate individual words or whole sentences without any effort with more than 100 different languages. But today we will focus on a very useful function that allows you to use the camera of your smartphone to speed up the translation process.

This feature is available in 29 languages (Russian supported) and it will allow you to easily navigate abroad, and works best with road signs or very large text. Simply select the desired language in the corresponding field and click on the camera icon below. In normal mode, this option will work using the Internet connection. But you can do without it.

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For this you will need to download a language pack to your device. Moreover, you will need to load information about the language from which you translate as the information about the language in which you make the transfer. To do this, click on the language displayed at the top of the screen and choose the arrow icon to begin the download. Once the process is complete, the icon next to the language will change. Now, as the usual translation of the entered sentences and the translation mode in the camera will be available in offline mode.

Downloaded language. The Internet is no longer needed!

Go to Google Lens is an app that allows you to use the camera of your smartphone for information and recognition of the text on the signboards, road signs, food and so on. In General, any inscription can be detected. And translated into any other language in real time. The question may arise: why, in fact, need Google Lens if the camera Translator and so recognizes the text. The fact that Google Translate allows you to upload any language to translate text. But not every language pack works in camera mode. That is why we need Google Lens. To find out other similar life hacks — subscribe to our channel in the Telegram.

Copy the text from the Google Lens

It allows you to select and copy the text that appears on the pictures and then you can use Google Translate to translate this text. At the disconnected Internet connection Lens will recognize the text, but don’t give us his transcription into another language. But we don’t have to. Just tap the text and then highlight it and copy it. Then go to Google Translator, paste the inscription there and get the ready translations without spending traffic.

Download: Google Lens

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