How to use iPad as a second screen with a computer that is running Windows 10?

Introduced Apple TV this year in system macOS Catalina feature impressive new called Atlantis; it allows you to use the device (iPad) iPad as a second screen, or as a display identical with a Mac, which is what helps you accomplish many tasks.

But before submitting to Apple this feature long was the application Duet Display paid offers an easy way to use your iPad as a second screen for Mac laptops or desktops, despite that the air to make the app Duet Display is not necessary to a large extent the owners of Mac computers and iPads, but it is still useful to get the same functionality from your iPad paired to a computer running Windows.

The feature works Atlantis set with certain models of Mac laptops, desktops, iPads, while the application of Duet Display with the following:

  • Macs running MacOS 10.9, or any later version.
  • Computers that are running Windows 7 or any newer version.
  • Phones, iPhone, and iPad that are running iOS 10, or any newer version.
  • Android devices and(the Chromebook) Chromebook running Android 7.1, or any later version.

Yeah, that’s right; if you have a tablet device old Android, you can also use it as a second monitor with your Mac, the app is available for users of Android devices on store Google Play.

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Today we will consider how to use the device (iPad Pro) iPad Pro as a second screen with the computer running (and Windows 10) Windows 10, but the steps are the same with almost any two devices.

Here’s how to use your iPad as a second screen through the application of Duet Display:

  • In the beginning you should buy the app Duet Display.
  • Download and install Duet Display for the Windows operating system, or Mac.
  • Start the app Duet Display on the iPad.
  • Connect your iPad to the computer via a USB cable.

1. Buy application Duet Display:

The price of the app Duet Display is a $ 9.99 only pay once to own the basic version of the app, as there are two versions two of the application depends on the subscription inside the app are: Duet Air, which provides wireless connectivity, وDuet Pro which enables wireless communication with the possibility of using the electronic pen.

2 – Download and install the application on Windows, or Mac:

You can download the version of the application dedicated to the operating system Windows, or Mac directly from the website of Duet Display, you only need to click the link to download it, and install the software as you would with any other program.

3 – start the application Duet Display on the iPad:

Click on the app Duet Display on the iPad Your, where you will see this screen:

4 – connect your iPad to the computer via USB:

Now all you have to do is connect the tablet to the computer via a USB cable. If you are asked to “trust” the computer, do it. After a few seconds you should know the iPad version is extended from the desktop of the computer connected to.

As you can see in the following picture, the screen of the iPad appear to have a desktop computer Dell which is running Windows 10, and shows the taskbar in both, with the possibility to work Touch also.

كيف تستخدم آيباد كشاشة ثانية مع حاسوب يعمل بنظام ويندوز 10؟

By clicking on the icon to Duet Display, you can access the settings to adjust them as you want:

كيف تستخدم آيباد كشاشة ثانية مع حاسوب يعمل بنظام ويندوز 10؟

Here you can adjust the rate of frames per second, the accuracy and quality of the display as you wish, and iPads with larger screens of higher resolution.

Of course you do feature a Air add great free for the operating system macOS, but it is still not flexible or available for all models of Apple devices such as the Duet Display.

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