How to use Samsung Service Cloud

Featuring Samsung service cloud availability on all phones and tablets the Korean company different and a capacity of 15 gigabytes, where it is characterized by the possibility to save the settings of all your devices in addition to your personal data files, of course, in this way, it is easy to switch between the various Samsung devices, without the need to re-adjust everything again, so we’ll explore with you today how to back up all data and settings your phone via this important service.

How to activate Cloud Samsung

1. Directed to the pressure from the application list and press on the cloud and accounts.

2. Click on the cloud Samsung “Samsung Cloud”.

3. Log in to your Samsung account, or create one in case I don’t have an account yet.

4. Click on the Manage cloud storage وBackup settings after then tap on Auto backup to activate women’s Automatic Data.

5. You will find then a list of everything you can sync it with Samsung Service Cloud, choose what you want and press sync now to start copying your data files manually for the first time only, where will it automatically after that.

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