How to use the App Store on the Apple Watch

With the update to watchOS 6 hours Apple, introduced Apple TV something new; it is the App Store independently of the authority. So when you want to disable new app for the Apple TV, you don’t go much farther away from your wrist.

This makes it easy to search for apps and download them directly on your watch without the need for your iPhone.

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How it works the App Store on the Apple Watch? We are here to show you how to use it.

Use the App Store on the Apple Watch

Make sure you’ve updated to the coast to the operating system watchOS 6 or a later version. Then, press the button next to digital, select the App Store App from the list of installed applications.

Browsing and finding apps

When you open the App Store, you will see a search box at the top, and you can use the digital crown to scroll through the sets of possible applications. You will see the categories are common such as music or track your workout. You can click on the category to view the applications or the button “see all”.

استخدام متجر App Store على ساعة آبل

Use the search feature, simply click in the box “search”, enter the name of the app which you want to access. You will also notice a list of popular searches to choose from if you want.

استخدام متجر App Store على ساعة آبل

Get the app

When you see the application that interest you, simply click it to view more details. You will see similar elements such as the App Store on the iPhone, including description, price, screenshots, and developer evaluation. If you travel a little bit, you can click on options ratings and reviews and release date and information (size, compatibility, and language) and the Privacy Policy.

استخدام متجر App Store على ساعة آبل

To download the Free Application, click Get, the app is paid-click price. You may be asked to enter password for App Store on iPhone or double-click the side button to confirm the download or purchase.

استخدام متجر App Store على ساعة آبل

Check your account

You can view some of the details for your account in the App Store on the Apple Watch. On the screen of the App Store key, use the digital crown to scroll down to the bottom and click on account.

You will see the options for purchase and updates. So, you can see the apps you’ve purchased and downloaded along with those applications that expect updates. If you use Family Sharing, you can click one of the family members to share purchases also.

استخدام متجر App Store على ساعة آبل

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