How to use the feature of “shaking” during the writing of the iPhone, iPad

You have to sometimes delete sentences long, I wrote it on the iPhone or iPad and do it for prolonged on the Delete button to the letters and words disappear exchange or even determine the sentence to delete and which process may be irritating sometimes?

If the answer is yes, then maybe you should take a look at the advantage of wasting to the site which is more feature-forgotten iOS devices. The water, you can simply shake the iPhone or iPad to delete the text until the last amendment we were, as we shall see.

Make sure you do the jerk to sign

Head to Settings > General > accessibility > shakes to ( Shake to Undo) and pass the ramp in front of the water.

Shaking to undo the writing of the text or to restore it

After writing several words in any application, shake the iPhone or iPad, a message will appear to undo the last thing you typed, with the Back button (Undo).

Clicking on the Back button about writing, delete what you’ve entered until the last edit, like, delete what you typed to another word you have to correct them (either using the debugger or automatic deletion of some of the letters and the Treaty on the book by), don’t do any adjustment while typing will delete the entire text, if you modify, the Treaty of shake device to clear what is left of the text.

Similarly, if you shake the device after deleting all what I wrote by mistake, a message will appear asking for the return of what you wrote.

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