How to use the feature to Scan camera Samsung

So many of us turn to Google Drive to scan (Scan) the documents, but there is a faster option for users of phones Samsung One One UI 2 The Up With update Android 10.

Became a tool for scanning documents rom the application of the default camera, able to discern the documents automatically in different kinds of paper we have a set of letters, business cards and notes which can be scanned as soon as you click retain data.

Feature scan documents hidden camera phones Galaxy

To use the feature to scan documents, the camera app and then point the phone to any level, and then the tool will set the yellow line on the borders of the document, that shows the button Scan in the middle, and clicking on it the reservation result in the application of knowledge.

Recall that this feature is not available in the default mode One One UI 2 (Android 10), a tin of presence, head to the settings of the camera application and select enhanced scene (Scene optimizer) where you can find her under the name Scan Document (Document scan).

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