How to use the Google Feed and make it more useful to you?

Replaced company Google application Google Now to your Google Feed, which is just the new name for what happened to Google Now to try to make it more useful for users and increase the number that they are using it. It is considered the Google Feed service separate stand-alone where the given Google greater importance with the re-design.

Previously when I was using Google Now show you cards and in fact didn’t like it much, but now it’s better but still a big problem already exist and are not your concern all the news which show to you, where have some outside interests, a problem that we help you in solved in this article.

How to get a Google Feed to your?

If you are using a Nexus phone or Pixel from Google itself, there’s a way to get to the Google Feed, which is just drag the screen to the far left to open a Google Feed automatically as soon as you do that, but unfortunately this method is not available to the rest of the phones running Android.

If you use another phone you need to login to Google App in order to access Google Feed varies it with Nova Launcher which supports Google Now.

How to customize Google Feed to suit your interests?

As soon as you arrive to investigate, amend interests to alert you to is very easy, whatever the place where you open the app looking for the three points in the amendment, and then select “Customize” or customize, to choosing the specific topics to be interested by showing them the Google you. You can also search for specific topics to add if I want to show you the specific articles about certain things.

كيف تستخدم Google Feed وتجعله أكثر فائدة لك؟

Other modifications when you use the app

After you select your interests, this will not guarantee you the appearance of articles don’t care about it, due to that Google, which owns all the browsing history you will have some expectations areas. And so it is that when you show one of the articles that don’t care about it, hit the mark three points that are next to them will be options to make it not appear again, and Google know it does not belong to one of your interests.

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