How to use the Google to search for song by words

Do you find yourself in the position you want to identify the song called, in public or in the movies? This task will become very simple with the voice search feature in Assistant Google on Android and iPhone.

How you can identify the song by the Assistant Google

1. first call the Assistant Google and take it “?what’s this song” or “?what song is playing“.

2 – then, says Assistant Google creates a voice tag of the song then compare with the recorded songs in the database to reflect you as a result of matching, with options to run on YouTube, Spotify if you are a subscriber to the service.

This means that, despite the lack of support for the assistant to Google the Arabic language yet, it can recognize songs in Arabic. It also can identify the song of any clip, in my experience.

Therefore also, the Assistant Google may not be able to identify the song if it wasn’t sang by the original singer, such as the women recorded the voices of the public, especially if he changed the tone of his voice. You may find it difficult to identify the song in a noisy environment.

It is logical that not about the plugin on the songs not published on one of the platforms Google like Play Store and YouTube.

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