How to use the Health app on the iPhone

I brought Apple an updated version of the Health app with the iOS system 13, which allows you to track your health condition and your physical fitness in addition to providing important information for caregivers in case of an accident or sudden illness.

When you open the app for the first time, you’ll find a new home screen provides you with a range of new features, which, according to Apple, include a brief summary has been re-designed to reflect your data better, track the menstrual cycle. After that, you will be prompted to enter some basic information, including name, date of birth, gender, height, weight, and then will move to the summary screen key, which gives you a set of current statistics, based on what you want to see.

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Screen may seem abstract simple, but there are a lot of health data and exercises that you can view them there.

In the bottom of the screen, click on the icon “browse” to see a variety of categories that you can ask the app to track. For example, when you select the “heart”, you’ll be able to order the application control reduce heart rate or oxygen saturation. When determining the “activity”, you’ll be able to watch cycling and enjoy the flights, and many others.

When you click on any particular activity, such as cycling for example, you’ll see a detailed screen know your history with this activity (such as the distance that you have studied), in addition to a list of applications for the foreign key that you can add. You can also put the activity in the summary screen front by scrolling down to “options” and clicking on the star next to “add to favorites”.

If you want to see all categories and all activities in the list a long one, there is a way to do this also. In the page “summary”, next to “favorites”, click the link “edit” and then select the “All” tab. When doing so, you will get a list of all the activity, you can then choose the activities that you want to show in the summary page.

In general, with your continued use of the app, you will see the category “landmarks” are added to the summary screen, which will show you information from the “applications and devices that use it intensively, according to Apple. As you may also get notifications on the top of the summary screen, if it detects the application of unusual decisions or a sound level higher than the usual headphones.

In the video below, you can learn all about health app from the Apple detailed:


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