How to use the password from Siri

After the update to iOS 12 Mac and Mojave can Siri remind password recorded in the chain of keys iCloud.

You lose your keychain iCloud after reaching the Settings > iCloud saves passwords and the names of the accounts of the different applications it also refers guide to the Apple TV.

Became Siri the ability to display the name and password for applications and websites registered after giving the appropriate command such as ‘Show me my Netflix password’.

If you want to get the password registered for the email you should mention the address of the site in a correct manner as illustrated in the animated image.

But will require confirmation of demand on iOS until you get the result; after activating Siri by clicking on the button home and hold or side button in the iPhone X to Xs and XR, and then request it from the Siri should confirm your fingerprint, face or password until you get the result.

If the password for websites and applications not registered in the keychain iCloud won’t get the result.


You can ask Siri the same formula after being called on the Mac, and will require confirmation also enter your fingerprint or password to the device to get the result.

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