How to use the poster needs to develop telegram to

كيف تستخدم الملصقات الاحترافية لتطبيق تيليجرام على الواتساب

Since I know have WhatsApp on feature posters in the month of October last, and with this feature is the most traded among the users of the app because of accents add cheerful in a sometimes a lot and chat a lot of fun.

Allows the application of WhatsApp users to add a lot of those posters to us and I was from outside sources, and the possibility of another allows them to design special posters, too.
We are here, we will show a third way to allows users to and I used to use messaging application Telegram and stickers. rebel, I’m working on adding those labels to the application of WhatsApp and use it there.

Of course the availability of the application Telegram on your phone so you can download poster its here most Zip first.

Copy the link to the stickers Telegram

1 – run the Telegram and his partner top click on the top menu and select from them the settings Settings.

2 – from the list settings click on the Stickers and Masks.

3 – stop in front of the posters available on the app and press the three dots in front of the name of the label that you want to move to WhatsApp and press on Copy Link Copy Link like in the picture.

By of the link . You’ll move on to the next step of your Balboa Bot automated:

1 . Click on the search option within the app and look for StickerDownloadBot and press it and then press Start.

2 . you will see several options below the chat box with a bot including options holidays Settings, click you where going to ask you about the format of the label file you want to download it, it here choose webp only .

3 – go ahead and paste the link posters that you copied in the first step, paste it into the chat box. Will make you a Bot that the file is being editing for download.

4 – will give you within seconds a link to download the posters of the authority that requested it. Load it where you will find it in the folder of documents Documents of the development of Telegram.

Now we have to use one of the apps to browse the files on your mobile phone to access the phone’s internal memory. Wally, where you will find the label file of the ROM you downloaded, working on unrar for extract to result in a folder with the same name contains posters mentioned.

Now move this folder Move to internal phone memory away from the application folder there.

Working now download app stickers for WhatsApp on the transfer, install and add the posters to the application WhatsApp.
stickers for WhatsApp

Running this app will be able to alone see your domain plastered the new archives on your phone’s internal memory with you the option to add all the stickers to apply WhatsApp you have.

How to use the poster needs to develop Telegram over WhatsApp

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