How to use the situation to speed messages Gmail

Become gimli’s it called Secret e-mail messages, on the computer or app Android and iOS.

Featuring mail messages in secret mode in the prayer, ends the messages disappear from the sender and the recipient, as to the content of the secret message can’t copy it or print it or download it, but Google indicates that it can capture a picture of the company.

When you activate the secret mode you’ll find the option to set a passcode also, where will the recipient could access the content of the message only enter the passcode.

Situation speed on computers

For users of the computers, they’ll custom icon time speed the bottom of a box of correspondence, through which they can activate the situation.

Activate the secret mode, you’ll find the button for the bottom of the message, for you can set an expiration date and passcode settings the passcode, which include:

– Do not send a passcode in SMS message: where will the recipient user gimli opened the letter directly, and recipients who aren’t using Gmail will have the code in the email.

– Send passcode in SMS message: where he will receive recipient-code The password in a text message on his phone.

Situation speed on Android and iOS

While sending a message on Android and iOS devices you can activate the secret mode by clicking on the more menu (three dots) to the top of the screen, and a modifier button below the message where you can control the expiration date and the symbol of the traffic in the manner mentioned.

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