How to use Torrent on Android-smartphone

BitTorrent client — quite a handy program to download various files. And many PC users happy to use it. Contrary to popular belief Torrent itself is not illegal. Technology makes it simple to download torrents and share data. And the illegality is to load the data for which you have paid to the owner. The technology does not violate existing legislation. So let’s figure out how to use BitTorrent on Android-smartphone.

Unofficial BitTorrent client can contain viruses, so we would not advise you or make use

In fact, BitTorrent is simply a data transfer Protocol. So the question here is only milking what program to use. There are several third party applications BitTorrent, but we recommend you to use the official program from the developers. Do you use the torrent? Tell us about it in our chat in Telegram.

Download: BitTorrent

After the installation you will need to give the app several permissions in order to access photos, media and files stored on your smartphone. Further by and large not much different from using a desktop version. You will need to download the torrent file (links to relevant sites for obvious reasons we write won’t) and open this file in the BitTorrent client. Next, the program will do everything for you. Keep in mind that by default, BitTorrent uses internal storage of your smartphone and if your gadget is not enough internal memory, you can load the data from a torrent client directly on the SD card. Just remember to select the location to which you will load data when opening the file.

To use torrent on Android easy

This could be and finish, but for safe use BitTorrent you need to install a number of support programs that will help you, first, not to “catch” unwanted, and secondly to provide the applicable level of confidentiality.

Install antivirus

Even when loading data from a reliable source, having antivirus software on your phone or tablet, do not interfere. After the file is downloaded through the torrent client, do not rush to open it. First, scan the file using antivirus. What antivirus would be good? We have done a review of similar apps, so click on the link and choose antivirus that will protect your smartphone.


How to use VPN on smartphones we also have been told. In this case, a VPN will allow you to maintain the desired level of anonymity. In addition, many VPN networks have additional layers of protection from virus that will also help you to protect your smartphone from the dangers.

And another small tip: when working with torrent client, it is highly desirable to use Wi-Fi because the file size can be quite large, and the traffic of your tariff plan is best left for something more useful. Besides, do not forget that BitTorrent is not only for downloading files. It also distributes the data to other users who shake the file that you have. So if you don’t want to spend your BitTorrent outgoing traffic, in the absence of a Wi-Fi program better off.

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