How to use your iPhone as a magnifying glass for?


Apart from the basic features that are used daily by the users of the phones EVO, there are a few things hidden that you don’t know a lot of people, and one of these features is transforming your iPhone into a magnifying glass, and this feature use camera app iPhone to increase the size of anything you can directed to him, which makes it all the more obvious and easy to see details.


Here are some steps that will help you to take advantage of that water and turn your phone iPhone into a magnifying glass for things in a convenient and accurate.

Activate the zoom lens phones EVO

Access settings including the Generalاضغط on Accessibility and headed to Magnifierقم by clicking on the Activate button next to the Now of water use will have to press the button of HOME phones iPhone until version 8 sound button phone EVO X. there are a number of advantages that it provides feature Magnifier such as rounding, interests and other abilities that can take advantage of them.

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