How to view closed notifications on Android

Every day we receive dozens, if not hundreds of notifications. From morning until evening they showered on us from all the applications, services and even websites, notifying you of incoming messages, meetings, events, and more. Not to get lost in an unending stream — a victory, but sometimes we accidentally close the notification without reading its contents. Familiar? Tell what to do in such cases and how to open one day, closed the notification, even if it’s been a few days.

The closed notification does not disappear without a trace and you can always find them

There are two ways to view notifications on Android, which you accidentally closed. The first — staff. It is not suitable for everyone, because not every shell includes such a possibility. To make sure, does your smartphone the history of all the received notifications can be quite easy.

Where to find a closed notice

  • On the desktop, tap your finger on any empty area and wait for activation menu settings;
  • Open the tab “Widgets”;

Notification history for Android

  • Scroll through the list of available widgets that you can put on the desktop, and select shortcut “Settings”;
  • In the opened window, check all the available options and, if there is a widget “notification History”, paste it onto the desktop.
  • Return to Desk, open the widget and view all the notifications that you have received lately.

How to view the history of incoming notifications

If the firmware of your smartphone missing such an opportunity, you’ll appreciate the app Unnotification. It keeps a history of incoming notifications, allowing you to view even the ones that you accidentally closed. As a result, you will get the opportunity not only to see missed alerts, but also to know the exact time in which they were received.

Solutions to the notification system in Unnotification

  • Now, when you receive a notification, you can close it and then open Unnotification and find him there.

How to find all the notifications that have ever been

  • But if too many notifications, the application has a convenient search by date, by app name and content of the notice.

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Generally, the application Unnotification utterly simple. Opening it, you immediately find yourself in a section with notifications that you have received since the installation. However, if necessary you will be able to automatically delete all notifications, for example, after 30 days. Thus you will not confuse the abundance of alerts, which day by day will only become greater. And yet — it is unclear why — in Unnotification a night theme.

Application: Unnotification
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Price: Free
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