How to view hidden even from searching for files on Mac

As we have said many times, Spotlight on the Mac uses much more popular than its counterpart on iOS devices. In the first place, due to the fact that Spotlight on Mac many times more than his younger brother. But there are situations when it would cost little to limit. For example, to make it so that Spotlight could not find a particular file or folder on your computer. The reasons for this decision may be different, to discuss them, we will not.

How to hide files from finder on Mac

All you need to do to the folder or file become invisible to Spotlight is to add to the end of their names .noindex – immediately after this, the folder or file will no longer be indexed by Spotlight.

Needless to say, all the files inside the folder will also become invisible to the “search engine”.

Conveniently, Apple has provided such a desire of their loyal customers and made it possible to slightly rebuild this index in OS X. it is Noteworthy that the whole process takes less than a minute, but the benefits can be enormous.

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How to see hidden from searching for files on Mac

But have to go to Spotlight in system preferences of your Mac, you can make an unpleasant discovery. Setup menu index is not too big and consists of only two tabs: “search Results” and “Privacy”. And in the “Privacy” tab will be the files you hid. This tab is used not only to limit Spotlight search, but also reconfiguring the entire index. It so happens that the function returns not all results upon request, though you know about the existence of the requested file.

It would be logical if Apple made it possible to open this menu, only with administrator password — as is done in the section “Security“. There is almost impossible to do anything without authentication. Here are the files, seemingly hidden, but their existence you can learn this straightforward method. And open.

What do you think, this is intentional, or password would be worth adding? Write in our Telegram chat.

For the tip thanks reader M Ross

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