How to watch videos from Android to computer

Sometimes there are cases when your Android device is stored some movie or TV series, but you want to watch it on the big screen. In this scenario, the first to mind probably come the computer, because nowadays it is almost everyone, and sometimes is the only option to broadcast a picture with your smartphone on the big screen. But is it really possible to stream video from Android to PC? Actually Yes, but it can seem a little daunting. Here we decided to select a few simple ways to do this, and to find out how, read on.

Here are three ways to transfer videos from Android device to the computer.

Apowersoft Recorder Android

The first program to duplicate screen Android-device in our list is called Apowersoft Recorder Android. It is, first and foremost, the so-called screen recorder which also has built-in mirroring. Program Apowersoft Recorder Android without any problems able to stream video on your Android device on the computer screen. She uses Chromecast, so you don’t need any antiquated wires. Just make sure phone and computer are on the same Wi-Fi network, then connect the device with the function “Cast”, and now you can enjoy the view.

Below are more detailed instructions on how to stream video from Android to PC using this program.

  1. First download and install this Android recorder from the link below.

    Download Apowersoft Recorder Android

  2. After installation, go to settings, and do some basic settings such as display quality etc. Also, make sure that your Android device and PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. After that, connect your device to the app, turning on “Cast”.
  4. When the screen image from the screen of your device produblirovat on the computer screen you can play the video and enjoy watching.
  5. To complete the translation process, press the power button in the upper left corner of the screen.

This program, as I have said, has the function of recording screen, therefore, if you wish, you can record your desired snippet or make a simple screenshot.


AllCast is another method that allows you to transmit images from the screen of your gadget on the computer screen. This tool is universal, as is available on devices running Android and iOS. With AllCast you can display on the computer screen not only the desired video, but the gameplay is some of the mobile game. Unfortunately, some users claim that this program sometimes does not work, and in its use of gameplay sometimes slows down, but there is often.

To transfer images from the screen of your Android device to computer using this method, you need to first install AllCast from Google Playand install the extension AllCast Receiver for the Chrome browser. After that you can easily connect your phone to your computer through mirroring and watch movies and TV shows as they want.


The last app in our list which you can use to stream video on a PC, called Mirroring360. Initially this tool was started as a program for screen mirroring of iOS devices, Windows and Mac as well as Chromebook. But now she has also received the support of the Android OS. When using this app, users can display their computer everything that happens on the screen of the smartphone. Video games and watching online movies is only a few examples of content you can enjoy on the big screen using this tool.

To mirror the screen of your smartphone with the help of this tool, just download and install the program on your PC and then mobile application from Google Play on your smartphone. Make sure both devices are connected to the Internet. Now wait until the app is on your phone Android does not recognize the application installed on your PC and then just plug it in.

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