How to watch YouTube videos offline and ad-

We all love to watch videos, and other videos on their smartphones. This is especially nice when on the road nothing else to do, and the smartphone is fully charged. It is important to have a suitable app with which you can access any video content on the Network.

It makes you think of YouTube, and this is not surprising: they are all, and there’s really a lot of videos. But many opportunities this area provides only for the money: so, if you do not subscribe, while watching each video you will get bored with commercials (and the right one, but there will be a few). Want to see the video in the background — will also have to pay. And there are many such examples — in fact, YouTube has become a service that is simply uncomfortable to use for free.

The developers of the new videohostinga decided to remedy this situation and created a service through which you can watch videos from around the web, including YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo. Moreover no ads and no restrictions! In other words, you can watch your favorite bloggers or channels from YouTube on another site, where nothing will interrupt video playback and does not limit you in content consumption.

Main page made in the style of YouTube — there are a selection of trends, the ability to quickly view and navigate categories. Subscribe to your favorite channels too will not go away, there is a separate tab, and browsing history. The number of channels is pleasantly surprising: you take the same Team CoCo, which is in service already with the translations and Russian voice acting.

In comparison with other platforms video search takes less time due to the advanced filters from the quality, length of video and date download to the number of likes. Here you can select the platform on which you want to search: for example, some videos are available only in Vkontakte, and quality content often place exclusively on Vimeo.

From watching the video really kicks — there’s even advertising banners, not to mention the breaks from the sponsors. And since the interface is quite familiar, after 10 minutes getting used to the service and to make the huskies any video. Plus, you can choose the playback quality so that, for example, to watch videos via cellular network. Player constructed by a principle “anything superfluous” and it is captivating.

But we are more interested in not the web version, and the mobile application, available for iOSand for Android. Why? The main reason one: free download videos to the device for offline viewing! Yes, you heard right — the functionality that YouTube provides by subscription only, here are available to all users without any charge. Clicked on the button next to the video, choose quality and watch it whenever you want, even without network access. Very convenient on a plane or travel out of town, where Internet is not the best quality (or even not).

In fact, the app may seem more convenient, you are more mobile, while the functionality of the desktop version: search, browse videos, subscriptions, and even download the video to your channel! The video will be published on the hosting, if you create your own channel.

Well, you just do not doubt in downloading mobile apps, here are two more cool features — background playback of content (for example, if you want to hear only the sound and go about their business) and no restrictions on streaming! The same YouTube take money for it.

Download the mobile app is available for free from the link below. Great to have a platform where you can watch videos for free and no ads.

Attachment: — YouTube
Developer: AI TI SERVIS, OOO
Category: Entertainment
Version: 5.0 or later
Price: Free
Link: Download

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