How to win company located August through applied

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If you download any app from the App Store or Google Play usually this app shows ads and this issue is the question of the nature of the order to make the developers of this app some money and guarantee the continuity of this application but the matter is quite different with the application of WhatsApp as it does not show no ads and doesn’t ask you for an annual subscription or monthly to say that this app makes some of the profits the question that arises here is how to buy WhatsApp to earn money through this app this is what we will in this article .

How to win company located August through applied

In order to understand how the purchase of WhatsApp to raising money through its application first let’s talk about some statistics if you remember well the year of 2014 when the company Facebook acquired WhatsApp compared to $ 1.9 billion.

A huge investment too came to me Facebook further that the deletion of the annual subscription of the application of WhatsApp, which was equivalent to 1$, and so on, and the tow took advantage of the Facebook platform and WhatsApp in order to enlarge the number of its transactions in the particular.

We know that Facebook is the largest advertising platform for all companies to fall for the advertising and therefore in case if you are talking with your friend on WhatsApp and you are for example thinking of buying a phone and ask for the best phone all phone manufacturers will target you with ads based on this conversation that was between you and your friend, and not only profit through the exploitation of our statements in the promotion advertisements but Facebook also sell this data and, unfortunately, to government agencies.

This is shown by the scandal of care Analytica and that caused it in the post to resign CAO company WhatsApp after it has been pressed in order to open the possibility to spy the Facebook on user data and selling it to some of the systems intelligence and not only this dear company of Watts August as well the development of some services such as funds transfer and also Facebook business for example when we talk about the issue of money transfer as it is in India now you can transfer money from your account on WhatsApp to another account.

And, of course, explained to Watts in August you will get a percentage for each conversion with respect to the fact August business has been developed on two levels, first for service able, and that will allow a greater possibility for companies to target users WhatsApp with ads and it stole a feature found on Snap Chat and she’s not only theft feature and just stealing the business model standalone will enable the IT companies and users of the WhatsApp business that they put some commercials on the profile of their that will increase after 24 hours .

And this is how they WhatsApp you can check the imaginary numbers of the profits from this app and not only this Fu photo August aimed at Horizon 2020 to reap nearly $ 4 for every level of the development of WhatsApp and you can do a simple calculation to hit $ 4 in 1.5 billion users only in 2018, the 2020 can do a calculation hit $ 4 in the 2 billion users and you can calculate the enormous amount of profits earned by the company due August either directly or indirectly .

How to win company located August through applied

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