How to wipe your files on Android and offers it back never?

When you scan your files on Android phones Android, the operating system does not delete it permanently, it gives you the space empty already and pretends to delete it to the king, but in fact the file remains present at the site to solve another place, this is the secret of the ability of some applications, such as Undeleter, to recover deleted files.

In the case of the success of an application in tricking the operating system, and write any random data where the file is deleted, it is difficult to recover deleted files, which is a function performed by an application such as “secure is” Secure Eraser, available for free on the Google Play store Google Play for Android users.

After you install the app on your phone, select the memory that you want to delete its files, so from the application menu at the top, do you want to delete the files of the phone’s internal memory or external memory (SD card).

From the list adjacent to the list of former, select the type of data that you want to replace the deleted files, choose random data, Random is the best option.

Choose Start, Start from the bottom, and wait until it finishes scanning the files and storing random data, and then return the empty space to the origin again, and learn it, according to the average usage needs survey 15 GB of data to 30 minutes.

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