How to withdraw a billion dollars from cryptocurrency to Fiat? The response of analysts Chainalysis

According to the latest report by research firm Chainalysis, only two groups of hackers stole more than a billion dollars in bitcoin, over the past few years. The addresses and transactions, the experts were able to determine that one hacking Scam earned an average of $ 90 million.

The criminals are yet to be found. It would seem that their life has failed. But there is one problem — such large sums of money cannot withdraw in Fiat for once. According to analysts, the criminals very carefully approach this issue and wait a long time before money-laundering.

Where the money hackers

Chainanalysis cooperates with many large cryptomerias that help reviewers to identify and track suspicious transactions. We will remind, in October 2018 Binance entered into a partnership with Chainanalysis for anti-trafficking funds.

Two groups of hackers get code names alpha and Beta. Presumably, before the final withdrawal in Fiat they are mixing their transactions more than a hundred days, to confuse the tracks in front of law enforcement.

For example, members of the Beta was waiting for two years to withdraw money from a hackers ‘ attack.

Hackers usually move the stolen cryptocurrency through a whole range of wallets and exchanges in an attempt to hide the true origin of money. Then they have been inactive for at least 40 days, waiting for the recession hype around the fact of burglary. In the end, the means are displayed in Fiat.

Source: Chainalysis

Chief economist Chainanalysis Philip Gradwell admitted that even large exchanges it is difficult to impose severe restrictions in the form of KYC and AML. The only effective method in this situation is the cooperation with other exchangers and instantaneous exchange of information about hackers.


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