How to work on a temporary deactivation of your account on Facebook

كيف تعمل على التعطيل الموقت لحسابك على الفيسبوك

For some reason or another may be forced to the user to disable his account on the social networking sites out of which Facebook, which has the highest ratio of active users around the world.
Was unaware of the mission the proper way to disable the account compared to options to cancel the account entirely. The margin of error here, won’t omissions, and you’ll figure out a way to realize that many people are familiar with them, but not pan-users in any case.

How to work on a temporary deactivation of your account on Facebook

To disable your account. You have to stop to prepare of his, and of course we all know where that is. holidays Settings.

Immediately goes to the general preparation General.

Look at the page numbers here and click on the editing option in front of “Account Management” or Manage account.
At the bottom of this page. You’ll find a link “deactivate account” or Deactivate your account.

By clicking on it. You will be transferred to page control has been stalking your Facebook re-enter password to verify who you are.
The next page. Asking about the reasons for disabling your account, choose it as in the picture and mention any reason in the field provided and then click Deactivate from the bottom or deactivate the account.

Here, you’ll find yourself outside of facebook and a message saying that your account has been disabled.

Don’t work here to log in to the account. In case you do will depend your account to do the same, you have to stay out the length of time that you want.

At any time later when you activate the account. All you have to do is log in just . Without the need for other options. Will be activated once you register your login will be your account available to follow friends as it was in the past.

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How to work on a temporary deactivation of your account on Facebook

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