How to work with PDF as a professional

All office workers need to regularly work with documents. Typically, the exchange of documents is in PDF format — whether it’s accounting, medical or technical documents into several hundred pages. Therefore, the computer must be equipped with a special solution that is not only “read” the document but also to edit the PDF file in a graphical format, detects the text if necessary, and is also available with 40% discount.

The last and many other functions available in the application called PDFelement 6 Prowhich can be downloaded for both Windows and macOS. For example, if the file contains the scanned text you want to edit, for the beginning of the text you need to recognize.

If all goes well, the file with recognized text will be saved in the folder where you have the default documents are stored. To continue with the text, open the saved file in the program and begin edits. With a document you can do anything: edit text, add notes and annotations, insert images, highlight certain sections, remove pages, insert headers and footers and much more.

Another important difference is the Pro version from the standard — can transfer data from PDF to other formats (e.g. Excel, preserving the structure of the table). In the presence of file cabinets from different PDF files, this feature will be very useful.

Create PDF from any supported files, graphical or text format. The output is a long PDF file that’s easy to read and convenient to send by mail thanks to the famous compression algorithms in this format.

Also only PDFelement Pro 6 provides for the recognition of forms — in the Annex to this there is an element called Form Field Recognition. It allows to enter the data without formatting, even in the scanned and recognized document.

Almost each received document need to be marked: with this program you can add annotations and notes to documents and to perform familiar actions — move, delete and add pages. Of nice add-ons professional edition PDFelement 6 — recognize text in selected pages in the PDF files, and optimizing the size of the document.

For professional use it is recommended to get full version PDFelement 6 — there you’ll be able to recognize text, combine files to PDF, as well as other functions. Especially now it is possible to buy with 40% discount. For basic work with PDF, you can do the standard version.

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Name: PDFelement 6 Pro
Publisher/developer: Wondershare
Price: Free / 59,97 dollar (40% discount)
In app purchases: No
Compatibility: Windows, Mac
Reference: Install

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