How useful is a function of the activity control from iOS 12 in real life

Controller activity that appeared in the beta version of iOS 12, can really help to reduce the usage time of iPhone up to two times. To such conclusion the correspondent of the New York Times Brian Chen, conducting an independent experiment involving 14-year-old daughter of his editor named Sophie.

Screen Time iOS 12

The function of Screen Time, acting as the controller allows users to limit the time during which they interact with the iPhone. Mode is active when the parental control parents can do for their children, forcibly disabling access to certain applications, long-term use of which is undesirable.

In the first week Brian and Sophie acted as observers, just exploring their preferences in applications. In the second week brown set parental control Sophie, to make an impression about how much time she can spend with your smartphone.

How to overcome the dependence on the smartphone

At first, the activity Sophie was, on average, to 6 hours a day, to the beginning of the third week down to three hours, says Chen. To his question about what has changed, Sophie admitted that at some moment suddenly realized that could unlock your iPhone and just look at the icons on the desktop without opening the app.

On its best day, Chen, by his own admission, reduced the usage time of the smartphone from 3.5 hours to 1 hour and 50 minutes. To achieve such performance, he had to reduce the amount of time spent on Twitter, and to abandon regular inspections of banking applications. According to him, he just convinced himself that the salary that is paid every two weeks, on account of his still will not be new money.

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